Functions and Obligations

1. Function:

Advise the President and be responsible for organizing and managing activities of international cooperation of the University.

2. Obligations

2.1. Develop and submit the President decisions, policies, contents, short-term and long-term plans about international cooperation activities and implementation.

2.2. Participate in negotiating and submit the President Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with foreign partners.

2.3. Coordinate with other units inside and outside the University in order to expand international cooperation in the fields of education, science and technology.

2.4. Implement procedures for signing international projects that are operated in the University. Monitor process of project implementation and report activities and results of projects according to the requests of authorities.  

2.5. Make plan and complete the procedures for delegates who come to work with the University in accordance with Vietnamese Law. Coordinate with the Office of Personnel and relevant units in sending officers to work abroad. Monitor and manage international cooperation situation in the University.

2.6. Be responsible for reception and working with international guests, ensuring security in accordance with the law. Make report of foreigner meetings that are chaired by the Board of Presidents.

2.7. Organize short-term training courses, conferences and international seminars the University.

2.8. Manage the International student dormitories and activities related to foreigners as well as international students, who are studying at the University in accordance with the law.

2.9. Manage and organize international scholarships according to requests of these scholarship programs and the law.